Wilëg 2015-2016


Wilëg 2015-2016   High up in Big Cottonwood Canyon, near Millcreek Utah, Fantasy Kingdoms established Wilëg at Willow Lake. The area afforded bountiful forests for adventurers to explore and hidden caves nestled in the mountainside. Riddles galore led adventurers on long journeys in search of the wonders of Wilëg, but there was more going on here [...]

Shazer 2012


SHAZER 2012   Fantasy Kingdoms first journey into the wild took us up to Payson Lake, near Provo Utah. Two camps were formed in this rocky region. One village prospered, building walls, structures, and even erecting a flag. They had delicious beef stew and even sweet fruits to trade and share, but the other village [...]

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