Project Description

Mül Debbon 2017- 2018


In the year 1455 M.E. a barbarian clan came down from Tandavar under the rule of a man who called himself the God King. His prowess in battle was fierce, and the estate of Mul Debbon had been brought low in the conflicts of their kingdom. The barbarian king claimed much of the land in Mul Debbon, and slew the military commander of Mul Debbon’s army. The free people’s of Mul Debbon united to drive back their foe, but the war dragged on, until many lives were lost on both sides.

Mul Debbon’s history is one of great trial. Since the days of the Gold King, they have been ruled more fully by the Elkenhammers than by a central government. Yet as the years progressed, memory of the request by the Gold King were lost, until new kings and queens arose and laid claim on ancient rights to nobility. Through those conflicts and trials, the God King found great traction in his campaign to conquer all Mul Debbon. Among his forces was one called the Cov-Eh The Destroyer. This fearsome warrior slew an hundred men in a single battle, leaving great fear in the hearts of the Mul Debbon soldiers.

But Mul Debbon was not alone. For in her lands dwelt one who became a mighty sorcerer. Aztek was his name, and he drew on the powers of the earth to drive back the invading army with great gusto. At the battle of Lyonhall, Aztek opened the earth, where it swallowed three thousand barbarians whole. His work with influence magic was unparalleled in all the land. And even the God King, who claimed himself immortal, feared Aztek. So much so that a standing bounty was placed on his head of even a thousand Duggets. The men and women of the God King lusted for the death of Aztek, for the reward, and for to avenge their fallen comrades. And at the battle of Oakenhome Keep, Aztek met his fate. Standing atop a heap of his foes, Aztek worked his mighty magic, until, exhausted and overwhelmed, he fell to their mighty horde. But the war was nearing total loss; for both sides had seen so much death.

The God King agreed to meet with the Leader of the Free People, and a compromise was made, in hopes that the war could end. But the God King was cunning, and his heart was dark. He had no desire to cooperate with the Free People, and still he sowed seeds of doubt and malcontent among the land. The conflict continued to boil, leaving the land heat stricken in the anger of their God, Elkund. And the rains fled the land.

In his final act to loose the bonds of slavery from the neck of the Free People of Mul Debbon, their Leader called the God King forward to meet him at the stoop of North Road Ruins. And there, on the black and charred bones of the dead, they fought, once and for all, that the victor would lay claim to the land. And both smote each other unto death. The people stood on, unsure, as the call came from the God King’s Chief Counselor to end the conflict and accept peace. But the wife of the Leader of the Free People was wroth at the death of her husband. She called out for blood.

A calm settled over the field for only a moment as the people of both kingdoms stood and waited for the first move. And that move was an arrow, loosed by the barbarian warrior maiden of the Skull Clan which smote a Debbonese soldier unto death. The fray erupted as all there drew blood. The battle was severe, and many died of both peoples, until only a handful remained. Those who stood upon the soil stained in blood were Debbonese, and not barbarian. The land was Free once more, at great cost.

After fifty years the rains returned, and Elkund smiled once more on his people. The land is now more more a rich place, strong and free, as Elkund would have them be forever.