Project Description



Fantasy Kingdoms first journey into the wild took us up to Payson Lake, near Provo Utah. Two camps were formed in this rocky region. One village prospered, building walls, structures, and even erecting a flag. They had delicious beef stew and even sweet fruits to trade and share, but the other village dwelt in the dark; one of their adventures had discovered an ancient relic that altered his mind, making him into a dangerous spellcasting monster when the sun fell.

Although the leaders of the prosperous village did their best to establish trade and unity with the other village, the taint of the cursed man made it all for not. At sunset, the battles raged through the night, the prosperous city doing all it could to keep the walls strong enough to thwart the dangers outside. In the end, the curse was broken, but not before it was secretly passed on to another adventurer, to one day return and terrorize the night of Fantasy Kingdoms.