Project Description

TANDAVAR 2013-2014

Deep in the mountains north of Salt Lake City, Fantasy Kingdoms established a kingdom in a forested region rich with wildlife and open glades. The first excursion into this region brought with it two warring kingdoms who fought for resources and hidden relics of unspeakable power. The city of Fjordgard, established by Gameplay Architect Andrew Moore, managed to steal the deed of land ownership from the city of Grogg. After a series of calamitous battles, the event concluded with hearty servings of stewed beans and crispy bacon, all while enjoying betting games of dice and cards for the Duggets won during the days treasure hunting.

In 2014, Fantasy Kingdoms returned again to Tandavar. This time, a thieves guild formed in the woods and assailed the city of Fjordgard. But there was another threat: an adventurer, who had previously been cursed in a far off land, turned into a dangerous spellcasting monster and turned many adventurers to its nefarious cause. With the assistance of a traveling paladin, the dangers were laid to rest.